SPIDERWeb - Specification and Prototyping for user Interface Design, Engineering and Re-engineering for the Web

2002-02-01 to 2006-02-01

SPIDER is an international project sponsorized by CAPES and COFECUB (CAPES/COFECUB - 399/02) whose main aim is to support the cooperation among researchers from LIIHS-IRIT (Toulouse, France) and Instituto de Informática-UFRGS (Porto Alegre, Brazil) on the investigation of models, tools and theories about Computer Human Interaction and Web. The main goal of this project is to produce a framework for supporting the development of web applications with usability. In the core of this framework are methods to specify web design and describe user interface. We intend to bring together methods from a diversity of fields including: formal methods applied to computer human interaction, web visualization, task modeling, usability evaluation, guidelines and ergonomic rules for web design.

Application domains: Web

Scientific areas: HCI

They work on this project

  • Marco Winckler

    Associated Professor