SPAD - System Performance under Automation Degradation

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2011-05-02 to 2013-12-13

Increase of automation is one of the main consequences of the changes foreseen by SESAR in ATM. bringing a range of new challenges including those related to possible degradations. The main goals of this project were to understand, monitor and manage the propagation of automation degradation of a single system to the overall ATM system, and to confine and absorb degradation problems, both with and without human contribution. It also aimed at understanding and estimating the implications of degradations for the overall ATM system performances.

Application domains: ATM

Scientific areas: HCI

Tools: PetShop, HAMSTERS



  • Deep Blue

    Deep Blue is a human factors, safety and validation consultancy providing solutions throughout industry and the public sector in the field of transportation.

  • Eurocontrol

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  • Philippe Palanque

    Head of ICS Team
    Professor of Computer Science

  • CĂ©lia Martinie

    Assistant Professor