TwinTide Newsletter N.4, May 2013
The Number 4 of the TWINTIDE Newsletter is available for download at here. The current issue is dedicated to the TwinTide Training School TUTOREM which was organized in Autumn 2012, in Bled, Slovenia.
Overview of activities

Four major R&D Activities will be implemented under this Action. Noteworthy is that these activities are not mutually exclusive, but partly interdependent, and that they are not executed in a linear but an iterative manner. A database will be created to record all the findings of the Activities, be they preliminary or consolidated. With specific problems at hand, members of this Action can access and retrieve relevant data from the database. These transactions will be rendered transparent so that the providers of the data can know to whom and for what purpose the data are delivered and used. Consequently, opportunities for collaboration that have not been foreseen can be seized and the networking will become even tighter.

Working Groups (WG)

Four major R&D activities will be implemented by of four Working Groups (WGs):

This activity will critically examine the current use of design and evaluation methods and contribute to the maturation of those methods

The primary objective of this activity is to identify and analyse sector-unique design and evaluation methodologies in terms of their underlying conceptual models, practical protocols, and transferability to other sectors.

The main goal of this activity is to identify and critically review the quality attributes and software standards that are currently prioritized in design and evaluation processes in different sectors.

This activity is concerned by the development of a generic method selection and application framework that effectively leverage and support interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial design and evaluation solutions.