WG 3: Refining and Validating Classification Schemes for Usability Problems

Coordinator: Mark Springett - Middlesex University (UK)

Interested partners: Jean Vanderdonckt, Ebba Hvannberg, Reinhard-Sefelin (V. Seibert Giller), Aimilia Tzanavari, Jan Håvard Skjetne, Timo Jokela, Dominique Scapin, Effie Law, Marco Winckler, Niels Ole Bernsen


The primary objective of this Activity is to improve and substantiate the tools for analysing usability problems. The existing defect classification schemes will be reviewed to evaluate their suitability for isolating causes and proposing redesign solutions. A list of possible but not exhaustive schemes includes:

  • Orthogonal Classification Scheme (ODC)
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Hewlett Packard Defect Classification Scheme (HP-DCS)
  • Usability Problem Taxonomy (UPT)
  • User Action Framework (UAF)
  • Classification of Usability Problem Scheme (CUP)

Specifically, the most recently developed CUP will be further refined and validated with a wider scope of application contexts and a larger range of evaluators with different backgrounds.

Expected Outcomes: Refined and validated defect classification schemes specifically designed for analysing usability problems that can be disseminated to other usability professionals.