SIG 1: User eXperience

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General Information

This SIG was created as one of the outcomes of the exciting Workshop on UX held in Olso during Nordichi2006 .

The overall goal of the Special Interest Group on User Experience (SIG-UX) is to provide a global platform to develop a synergy between UX and related areas, especially usability, and to develop joint activities and strategies to advance this community of interest and practice.

The SIG-UX aims to explore research and practical issues pertaining to UX from interdisciplinary perspectives and to promote as well as sustains members' efforts and interests in finding effective solutions. It also aims to identify trends and a unified vision for UX with the joint creation of a manifesto on UX, thereby guiding and driving this emerging field towards maturity. The SIG-UX serves as a portal for the presentation and dissemination of results and innovations.

The SIG-UX is open to all interested individuals and organizations engaged in UX and related areas. Please sign up by filling in a short questionnaire below. For further inquiries, please contact Effie Law (

Thematic Groups

This SIG is mainly concerned by the following activities:

Manifesto on UX

As stimulated by enthusiastic discussion in the UX'06 Workshop, this workforce sustains the efforts to integrate different theoretical frameworks on UX. The generation of Manifesto on UX will be a collaborative effort under the leadership of Marc Hassenzahl, an expert in UX. Further information will be released in due course.

UX, Software Engineering, and Industry (proposed)

These three areas appear closely related because of a shared focus on the impact of system usage, but seem incompatible when viewed from some other perspectives such as concept evaluation.

UX, Measurement, and Standardization (proposed)

Whether and how to quantify UX is an intriguing question to explore. Given the diverse ways of interpreting and operationalizing UX, standardization is deemed essential.

Teaching UX (proposed)

UX is an emerging topic that is considered an integral part of an HCI course. However, there is not yet a curriculum how to teach this subject matter. A workforce on designing content and strategies is called forth.

Questionnaire for Registration

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