External Coordination

Strategic liaison with industrial partners will be established. Contributions to standardization bodies (i.e., ISO/IEC, IEEE, and CEN/ISSS) will be achieved. Integration of national and international projects working on issues related to usability evaluation will be strengthened. Besides, working liaison with other COST Actions is, in general, achieved through consultation with the COST TIST (Telecommunications Information Science and Technology) Technical Committee. To ensure that all potential synergies can be exploited, COST 294 proactively seeks opportunities to collaborate with the related existing and future European agencies, initiatives and programmes.

Internal Management

A Management Committee consists of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Scientific Coordinator, Dissemination Coordinator, Coordinators of the four WGs, and delegates from each of the signatory countries. The Management Committee sets the overall policy and direction of the project according to the objectives of this Action. As of Dec 2004, researchers from 19 European countries have expressed their interest or confirmed their participation in the COST Action 294.

Grant-Holder: ETH Zürich (Swiss Institute of Technology, Zürich), Zürich, Switzerland (CH)

Chair of the Management Committee: Effie Lai-Chong Law - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich), Switzerland (CH)

Vice-Chair of the Management Committee: Ebba Thora Hvannberg - University of Iceland, Iceland (IS)

Secretary: Svetlena Taneva - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich), Switzerland (CH)

Scientific Coordinators: Gilbert Cockton, Mark Springett, Dominique Scapin and Christian Stary

Dissemination Coordinator: Philippe Palanque and Marco Winckler - LIIHS-IRIT, University Paul Sabatier, France (FR)


The duration of the COST Action 294/MAUSE is FOUR years (December 2004 - November 2008). The Kick-off Meeting took place on 20th Jan 2005 in Brussels. In the coming years, altogether there will be seven Working Groups (WGs) meetings, which are held in conjunction with Management Committee (MC) meetings. On average, members of the Action meet every six months. In addition, three annual Workshops will be organized of which contributions and participation are open to the community beyond this COST Action.

Financial Model

The COST budget is available for the coordination of scientific activities. There is no central research funding. Individual research projects are financed nationally. In the frame of the ongoing COST 294, finance may be requested from the COST budget of the Commissions for the following items:

  1. Travel expenses and daily allowances for Delegates to Management Committee Meetings
  2. Working Group meetings
  3. Subsidies
  4. Publications
  5. Short term scientific missions
  6. Training schools
  7. Workshops/Conferences
  8. Evaluation of COST Actions


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