Closing Conference of the COST294 MAUSE project

COST294 MAUSE is a 4 year project started in 2005, whose goal is to bring more science to bear on Usability Evaluation Methods (UEM) development, evaluation, and comparison, aiming for results that can be transferred to industry and educators, thus leading to increased competitiveness of European industry and benefit to the public. The closing conference will discuss the results of the project activities. Specifically, in the afternoon of March 19th, the four Working Group (WG) leaders of COST294-MAUSE will present the results of their respective WGs. Discussion forums to address WG-specific issues will be organized. On March 20th, the program will include presentations by usability specialists from industry and academy, as well as panels to discuss the emerging work on usability. In the morning of March 21st, some breakout sessions in the form of Research Café will be held to explore the ideas arising from the discussions in the two preceding days.

Place : Brindisi, Italy

Organizer(s) : Maria Francesca Costabile & Carmelo Ardito

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Date : 19th March 2009 - 21st March 2009


International Workshop on the Interplay between Usability Evaluation and Software Development (I-USED 2008)

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners from the HCI and SE fields to determine the state-of-the-art in the interplay between usability evaluation and software development and to generate ideas for new and improved relations between these activities. The aim is to base the determination of the current state on empirical studies. Presentations of new ideas on how to improve the interplay between HCI & SE to the design of usable software systems should also be based on empirical studies. This workshop is organized in conjunction with the 2nd Conference on Human-Centred Software Engineering (HCSE 2008).

Place : Pisa, Italy

Organizer(s) : Silvia Abrahao, Jan Stage, Kasper Hornbaek, Natalia Juristo and Effie Law

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Date : 24th September 2008 - 24th September 2008


10th MAUSE MC+WG Meeting

Place : ISTI-CNR, Pisa, Italy

Organizer(s) : Carmen Santoro

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Date : 22nd September 2008 - 23rd September 2008


DEVISE: Designing and Evaluating Innovative Interactive Systems: Interdisciplinary and Trans-sectorial Training (COST294-MAUSE Training School)

The overarching goal of DEVISE is to improve participants. theoretical and practical understanding of emergent D&E methods for interactive software and media, as well as techniques and tools being employed in different IT-enhanced sectors, through exploring differences and commonalities. Important Dates Due date for Application Submission: Friday, March 7, 2008 Notification of Application Result: Tuesday, April 1, 2008 Arrival date: Sunday, June 29, 2008 DEVISE School: June 30 - July 4, 2008 Departure date: Friday, July 4, 2008 (afternoon)

Place : Bertinoro (Forlì-Cesena), Italy

Organizer(s) : Effie Law

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Date : 29th June 2008 - 4th July 2008


9th MC+WG meeting

Place : Reykjavik, Iceland

Organizer(s) : Ebba and Marta

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Date : 18th June 2008 - 19th June 2008


8th MC+WG meeting

For further information about the venue, please see at

Place : Bled, Slovenia

Organizer(s) : Matic and Borka

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Date : 3rd March 2008 - 4th March 2008


7th COST294-MAUSE's MC+WGs meetings

This meeting occurs just after the 4th COST294-MAUSE Open workshop on Downstream Utility and the 6th International Workshop on TAsk MOdels and DIAgramas (TAMODIA'2007). Please refer to the page TAMODIA's conference venue to find useful information for planning your travel.

Place : Toulouse, France

Organizer(s) : Marco Winckler & Philippe Palanque

Contact :

Date : 7th November 2007 - 7th November 2007


4th COST294-MAUSE Open Workshop

Downstream Utility: The Good, the Bad, and the Utterly Useless Usability Evaluation Feedback. This workshop is collocated with the 7th COST294-MAUSE's Management Committee and Work Groups meetings and the 6th International Workshop on TAsk MOdels and DIAgramas (TAMODIA'2007). Please refer to the page TAMODIA's conference venue to find useful information for planning your travel.

Place : IRIT, University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France

Organizer(s) : Effie Lai-Chong Law, Marta Larusdottir and Mie Norgaard

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Date : 6th November 2007 - 6th November 2007


6th MC+WGs meeting

Place : Salzburg, Austria

Organizer(s) : Regina Bernhaupt

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Web page :

Date : 7th June 2007 - 8th June 2007


5th MC & WGs Meeting

Format: At least one-whole day to be dedicated to the four WGs; a half-day/whole-day to be dedicated to special theme groups.
Note: 7th March 2007 there may be a special one-day workshop on e-Commerce (to be confirmed)

Place : Athens, Greece

Organizer(s) : Simos Retalis

Contact :

Date : 6th March 2007 - 7th March 2007


3rd COST294-MAUSE Open Workshop

3rd Open Workshop: Review, Report and Refine Usability Evaluation Methods (R3 UEMs) The COST294-MAUSE working group has undertaken the challenge to develop an approach to critically reviewing and analyzing Usability Evaluation Methods. The aim of this workshop is to build a knowledge-pool around the WG1 to systematize the selection of appropriate UEMs according to contextual requirements and constraints. [ Download the Call for Papers (PDF file, 51 Kb) ]

Place : Athens, Greece

Organizer(s) : Dominique Scapin & Effie Law

Contact :

Date : 5th March 2007 - 5th March 2007


4th MC & WGs Meeting

The 4th MAUSE meeting organized at SINTEF, Olso, Norway.

Place : Oslo, Norway (collocated with NORDICHI2006)

Date : 15th October 2006 - 15th October 2006


2nd Open Workshop : User Experience - Towards a unified view

The goals for the workshop include, but are not limited to: a) Critically review theoretical frameworks for deepening our understanding of UX; b) Explore means of how non-instrumental needs, affective requirements and experiential expectations can be translated into product quality; c) Examine potential and pitfalls of traditional and alternative evaluation methodologies for measuring UX.

Place : Olso, Norway (collocated with NORDICHI 2006)

Web page :

Date : 14th October 2006 - 14th October 2006


3rd MC & WGs Meeting

Here is the Agenda. We are very delighted to have Dr. Marc Hassenzahl as our guest speaker. We highly appreciate the effort of the local organizer - Prof. Dr. Harald Reiterer, Christian Jetter and Jens Gerken.

Place : University of Konstanz, Germany

Date : 20th March 2006 - 21st March 2006


1st Open Workshop on User Interface Web Quality Models (UIQM 2005)

Documents available for download : workshop agenda and workshop proceedings.

Place : Rome, Italy (collocated with INTERACT 2005)

Web page :

Date : 12th September 2005 - 13th September 2005


2nd MC & WGs Meeting

Place : Rome, Italy (collocated with INTERACT 2005)

Date : 10th September 2005 - 11th September 2005


1st Management Committee (MC) & Working Groups (WGs) Meeting

Place : University of Sunderland, UK

Date : 3rd May 2005 - 4th May 2005