Tools I participated to the design and development:

  • HAMSTERS (Human-centered Assessment and Modelling to Support Task Engineering)

HAMSTERS is a tool-supported graphical task modeling notation aiming at representing human activities in a hierarchical and ordered way.

Goals can be decomposed into sub-goals, which can in turn be decomposed into activities. Output of this decomposition is a graphical tree of nodes. Nodes can be tasks or temporal operators.

Explicit and systematic integration of object, information and knowledge provides support for description of required objects, information, declarative knowledge and procedural knowledge required to accomplish the tasks.


HAMSTERS can also be used to execute task models and can be connected to the Petshop high-fidelity prototyping tool.

This synergistic use provides support to ensure consistency and compliance between interactive system and user's tasks.


A tool and notation to support the exploration of options and the traceability of choices during the design and development process of User Centered systems.

This notation and associated tool can then leverage the design rationale process for several interactive applications and help engineers in deciding to reuse or not conception choices when facing an already experienced issue.