I graduated in 2013 with an engineering master degree in electrical engineering and automation and am since then a PhD student in the area of interactive critical systems.

PhD subject

Engineering Multimodal and Multitouch Interaction in Critical Environments : Application to the Next Generation of Aircraft Cockpits

A little more

I'm particularly involved in the research on fusion and fission engine for input and output modalities in critical applications. I work with several modalities as multi mice, multi touch, speech recognition. I'm involved in the integration of those modalities in the CIRCUS suite.

An other aspect of my researches is the cooperative interaction on one or more modalities. For example, a captain and a first officer in an aircraft use several modalities as keyboard and various button to interact with the system.


Aircraft cockpits, HCI, Interactive systems, Formal description techniques, Multimodality, fusion and fission engines.


This thesis will be achieved within the ICS team (Interactive Critical Systems) at IRIT (Research Institute in Computer Science of Toulouse). My supervisor is Philippe Palanque. This thesis is done in association with the LIG in Grenoble. My co-supervisor is Pr Laurence Nigay.


From October 2013 to September 2016.


This thesis is funded by a European project called FENICS in the workpackage 2.7 which is related to the multimodality aspect of future cockpits