Regina Bernhaupt defended her habilitation in September 2009 on "usability and user experience evaluation in non traditional environments". She studied psychology and applied informatics at the University of Salzburg and received her PhD in applied informatics in summer 2002 on artificial time coded neural networks : mathematical modeling, implementation and application. She is an active member of the community on human-computer interaction, having organized conferences and several workshops. Her work focuses on how to evaluate usability and user experience in various contexts especially for entertainment oriented products and services. She recently edited a book on evaluating user experience in games and is author of several international publications.Currently Regina Bernhaupt is an invited lecturer at the University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse III.

Having worked in various EU-funded and national projects and with the interdisciplinary team at the ICT&S Center she is well prepared in terms of interdisciplinary work, within institutions as well as projects.