8th International Workshop on Web-Oriented Software Technologies


June 23, 2009, San Sebastian, Spain
in conjunction with the ICWE'2009 

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IHCS: Interacting Humans with Computing Systems
IHCS: Interacting Humans with Computing Systems

Workshop Overview

Nowadays, Web applications are evolving dramatically in order to provide a better user experience and to emphasize the end-user collaboration. The set of technologies and approaches to achieve that goal have been the basis for the Web 2.0 concept. Although the Web 2.0 concept started as a buzzword, currently it has a big influence on the way Web applications are being developed. Industry is not unaware of this trend and it has started to introduce this new paradigm to improve their business models and their customer relationships.

The Web 2.0 has provided interesting advantages from two points of view. Firstly, from a social point of view it encourages a user-centric approach in order to emphasize the end-user involvement. As a result the amount of content (comments, photos, videos etc.) produced by end-users has grown exponentially in the recent years. Secondly from a technological point of view, the application of Rich Internet Applications technologies has improved the usability of the Web 2.0 applications to create that content. Thanks to these technologies it has been possible to define complex user interfaces, which were restricted to desktop environments, on the Web.

Traditionally, the IWWOST workshop has been a forum to discuss the new trends related to the development of Web applications. The main goal of this edition is to discuss methods, approaches and tools to face the new challenges that Web 2.0 application development has introduced. Specifically, the main interest is how Web Engineering must evolve to become Web 2.0 Engineering. Therefore works regarding the evolution of the development phases (requirements, analysis, conceptual modeling, interface design, etc.) to meet the Web 2.0 paradigm are encouraged. Additionally, discussions about the social Web 2.0 influence on the Web Engineering field are suitable for the workshop. Finally, experiences in the model-driven development, implementation or evaluation of Web 2.0 Applications are welcome also.

(Download here the PDF version of the PDF IWWOST'2009 Call for Papers)


The 8th edition of IWWOST will take place on June , 2009 in San Sebastian, Spain, co-located with the 9th International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE'2009).

Please check the ICWE2009's Web site for further information about conference venue and registration.

Previous Editions

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