Collocated event with IFIP World Congress 2004

Collocated event


IFIP 13.5 Working Conference
on Human Error,
Safety and Systems Development

Toulouse, France, August 22-27, 2004

"To err is human. But to make a real mess you need a computer too."


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Working Group 13.5

General Information

April 9 2004, Advance program is now online

December 1 2003, Electronic submission is now available

The IFIP Working group 13.5 is having its first working conference collocated with the IFIP World Congress. This working conference is building upon previous workshops. Follow the link for more information about these previous events.

Recent accidents in a range of industries have increased concern over the design, management and control of safety-critical systems. Much recent attention has focussed upon the role of human error both in the development and in the operation of complex processes. This working conference  will, therefore, provide a forum for practitioners and researchers to discuss leading edge techniques that can be used to mitigate the impact of human error on safety-critical systems. Our intention is to focus the working conference  upon techniques that can be easily integrated into existing systems engineering practices. With this in mind, we hope to address a number of different themes:

  • techniques for incident and accident analysis;
  • empirical studies of operator
  • behaviour in safety-critical systems;
  • observational studies of safety-critical systems;
  •  risk assessment techniques for interactive systems;
  • safety-related interface design,
  • development and testing.

We would also encourage papers that cross these boundaries.

Finally, we are interested to encourage contributions from many diverse sectors. These include but are not limited to aviation, maritime and the other transportation industries, the healthcare industries, process and power generation, military application.

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