Demonstrations, Posters and Student Posters

Demonstrations, Posters and Student Posters take place on Wednesday, 05-09-2012 afternoon, but should be displayed during all coffee breaks.

For preparing your Demo/Poster: Poster size is up to A0 (portrait format). Each Demo is provided with a table and electricity supply. Please do not rely on the local WLAN for your demo, but try to bring a version that is playable offline.


D1.  Making my dad into a video game character. Trine Laier, Amani Naseem and Sarah Allagui Sillehoved

D2.  The Development Process of the Serious Game GreenTime: From Fun to Serious to finding the right balance for a challenging instructional game. Catharina Guijt.

D3. Playing with Wifi Signals In The City: Wifi Hunt! Amani Naseem and Xavier Lafont.

D4. Dance! Don’t Fall – A Game for Promoting Exercise and Preventing Falls. Paula Alexandra Silva, Maureen Kerwin, Francisco Nunes and Ana Vasconcelos.

D5. Matthias Klauser, Daniel Stepchenko, Pejman Mirza-Babaei and Lennart Nacke. Cycloshoot: A first-person shooter fitness game on a bicycle

D6. Joel Lavigne and Lennart Nacke. Blockhead: A Brain-Computer Interface Puzzle Platformer

D7. Bill Kapralos and Brent Cowan. A Serious Game for Knee Surgery

D8. Daniel Buckstein, Neil Koo, Carole Chan, Andrew Hogue and Lennart Nacke. space bastARds: An augmented reality space game for the iPad 2

D9. Cagdas ‘Chad’ Toprak, Josh Platt and Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller. Bubble Popper

D10. James Robb, Daniel Buckstein and Andrew Hogue. Hydrocarbon: A Game for Teaching Chemical Principles to Science Students

D11. Mirza Beig, Harrison Andrews, Monika Brumar, Albert Bushara, Gordon Tan, Charlie Jiao, Andrew Hogue and Lennart Nacke. Antimatter: An antisphere core adaptive music shooter that reacts to your brainwaves


Student Posters

SP 1. Jeroen Keijser, Liang Hiah, and Tatiana Sidorenkova.
Social Acceptability KissAsss Game Concept

SP 2. Emilien Gorisse, Marc-Antoine Pietri, Orson Favrel, Samuel Monneau, Flavien Collet, Nicolas Schoner and Emerick Aussignac. Videmus Inc.

SP 3. Elvira Arslanova, Luuk Beursgens, Ruo Cheng, Roy Haex and Maria Vrachni. Tree: A multimodal system to stimulate children to save energy and water

SP 4. Lilia Perez, Yu-Fang Teh and Maria Maria Vrachni. Blackout: Proposal for a Game about Accessibility Awareness


P1. Eleanor Martin, Judith Good and James Jackson. Game Rules And Their Effect On Team Cohesion

P2. Peta Wyeth, Ford Matthew and Daniel Johnson. Designing Floor-based Games for Young Children

P3. Marco Pasch and Monica Landoni. Assessing Gaming Experience through Bodily Expression of Affect

P4. Dieter De Mesmaeker, Jonathan Provo, Vero Vanden Abeele, Hanne Van Overloop, Wouter Goris and Peter Dedene. Improving physical health via social media and gamification principles

P5. Marco Winckler, Cedric Bach and Regina Bernhaupt. Challenges for the Gamification of Incident Reporting Systems

P6. Pejman Mirza-Babaei and Lennart Nacke. Storytelling for Games User Researchers

P7. Alberto Negri, Fabio Varesano and Fabiana Vernero. WITH THE HANDS IN THE PAST: a tangible cooking game

P8. Fernando Loizides, Panayiotis Zaphiris and Christos Gatzoulis. Computer Game Research and Industry in a Small Nation

P9. Pablo Romero and Rodrigo Diaz Espinoza. Modulating Challenge in Movement Interaction Games

P10. Theresa Devine. AfterTime: Teaching Wellness Skills Through Game Play

P11. Cagdas ‘Chad’ Toprak, Josh Platt and Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller. Cart-Load-o-Fun

P12. Veli-Matti Karhulahti. Suspending Virtual Disbelief



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