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Université de Toulouse

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ECCE 2013 Programme

Programme as pdf (11th July 2013)


Monday, 26 August 2013



Opening ceremony


Keynote Michael Kalbow, Head of Maintenance Training, Airbus


Coffee break


Paper session 1: "Considerations"

    Guy André Boy. From STEM to STEAM: Toward a Human-Centered Education, long paper

    Tjerk De Greef, Arvind Mohabir, Ibo van der Poel and Mark Neerincx. sCEthics: Embedding Ethical Values in Cognitive Engineering, long paper

   Chris Stary. Semantic Work Process Analysis – A Reflexive Stakeholder Articulation Approach, long paper




Paper session 2: "E-Learning and Education"

    Nathalie Bonnardel, Sylvain Mazon and Alicja Wojtczuk. Impact of Project-Oriented Educational Methods on Creative Design, long paper

    Bijan Gillani. Cognitive Theory and the design of Education-to-Work Connection, short paper

    Els Rogier, Selene Uras and Gerrit van der Veer. What Learners Teach Us – E-Learning Patterns for Adult ICT Education, short paper

    Teresa Consiglio and Gerrit Van Der Veer. Electronic Learning Environments : Worlds behind Screens, short paper


Coffee break


Paper session 3: "Coping"

    Marja Liinasuo, Iina Aaltonen, Hannu Karvonen, Leena Norros and Beatriz Fuentes. Coping with the Demands of Network Management by Autonomic Functionalities and Training, short paper

    Elena Dalinger. A Framework for Design of an Integrated System for Decision Support and Training, short paper

   Julie Paxion, Edith Galy and Catherine Berthelon. Overload or Efficient Processing? Impact of Driving Experience and Situation Complexity, short paper


Social event : Visit of Airbus Industry



Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Keynote Claire O'Malley, Professor of Learning Science, Faculty of Science, University of Nottingham


Coffee break


Paper session 4: "Technology for all"

    Elisa Rubegni and Monica Landoni. Modeling the Role of Teachers in Introducing Portable Technology to the School Curriculum, long paper

    Fanny Le Morellec, Margarita Anastassova and Pierre Falzon. The Environment: A Source of Capabilities for Older Adults?, short paper

   Baldassarre D'Elia, Benish Fida, Ivan Bernabucci, Silvia Conforto, Tommaso D'Alessio and Maurizio Schmid. The Influence of Haptic Feedback on Hand Movement Regularity in Elderly Adults, long paper

   Mary Barreto, Michelle Scott, Ian Oakley, Evangelos Karapanos, Nuno Nunes, Joana Gomes and Sofia Gomes. Playing for the Planet: Designing Toys that Foster Sustainable Values, short paper




Paper session 5: "Cognitive Support"

    Herre van Oostendorp and Saraschandra Karanam. Navigating in a Virtual Environment with Model-Generated Support, long paper

    Tjerk De Greef and Alexander Leveringhaus. An Ethical Boundary Agent that Prevent the Abdication of Responsibility in Combat Systems, short paper

    Hanna Koskinen and Jari Laarni. Secrets of the Analog Operating. Panels: Can they be Revealed Digitally in the New Training Simulator, long paper

   Tina Mioch, Tinka R. A. Giele, Nanja J. J. M. Smets and Mark A. Neerincx. Measuring Emotions of Robot Operators in Urban Search and Rescue Missions, short paper


Coffee break


Paper session 6: "Cognitive and Socio-cognitive Models"

    Elise Grison, Valérie Gyselinck and Jean-Marie Burkhardt. Using the Critical Incidents Technique to Explore Variables Related to Users’ Experience of Public Transport Modes, long paper

    Brigit van Loggem. Towards a Framework for Documentation Design: an Abstract Model of Computer-Mediated Activity, short paper

   Célia Martinie, Philippe Palanque, Martina Ragosta and Racim Fahssi. Extending Procedural Task Models by Explicit and Systematic Integration of Objects, Knowledge and Information, long paper

   Flore Barcellini, Catherine Delgoulet, Dominique Fréard and Julien Nelson. Interactions in an Online Community in Ergonomics: From Sharing Information to Comparing Practices?, short paper


AGM EACE Meeting


Social Event



Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Paper session 7: "Experience Design and Joint Cognitive Systems"

    Hanna Koskinen, Hannu Karvonen and Helena Tokkonen. User Experience Targets as Design Drivers: A Case Study on the Development of a Remote Crane Operation Station, long paper

    Harry Witchel, Carina Westling, Rob Needham, Aoife Healy and Nachiappan Chockalingam. Mean Head and Shoulder Heights when seated: Subconscious Postural Cycles during Discrete, Computerised Stimuli, short paper

    Sarah Sharples, Sally Shalloe, Gary Burnett and David Crundall. Journey Decision Making: The influence of dynamic information presented on Variable Message Signs, long paper

   Marc Werfs and Gordon Baxter. Towards Resilient Adaptive Socio-Technical Systems, short paper


Coffee break


Paper session 8: "Learning, Monitoring and Mobile Technology"

    Cédric Bach, Régina Bernhaupt, Marco Winckler and Caio Stein D’Agostini. Mobile Applications for Incident Reporting Systems in Urban Contexts : Lessons Learned from Empirical Study, long paper

    Ioanna Iacovides, Anna Cox and Ann Blandford. Supporting Learning within the Workplace: Device Training in Healthcare, short paper

    Erik Grönvall and Nervo Verdezoto. Understanding Challenges and Opportunities of Preventive Self-Monitoring at Home, long paper

    Marie-Hélène Ferrer, Jacob Hodges and Nathalie Bonnardel. The MoLE Project: An International Experiment about Mobile Learning Environment, short paper


Closing ceremony





Ergonomics of Dependable and of Safety Critical Systems

Organizer Eliezer Kantorowitz More details (pdf)


European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics, ECCE 2013, Université de Toulouse, 26-28 August 2013

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