What's New

June 2, 2004: The web site has been set up.
Soon: setup of a mailling list on the topics of the Special Interest Group


The document descriing the SIG that appears in the conference proceedings is available here

Attending the SIG

The SIG has been scheduled in room A01 in the convention centre where CHI 2004 is held.

Provisional Programme

Wednesday 28th of April 2004 (from 9.00 to 10.30) Hall M

16.00 - Short introduction to the SIG (Philippe Palanque) Pdf version of the slides
16.10 - C. Johnson Accident Analysis for HCI Pdf version of the slides
16.20 - P. Wright Human Error Assessment Methods Pdf version of the slides
16.30 - F. Paterno  Task Modeling for Safety Critical Int. Systems Pdf version of the slides
16.40 - P. Palanque Reliable Safety Critical Interactive Systems Pdf version of the slides
16.50 - Interactive Discussion on the Research Themes presented
17.10 - Interactive Discussion how to increase CHI community interest/participation
17.30 - Conclusions

List of participants

BassLenCMU / SEI 
BoringRonIdaho National Lab
BrusebergAnneUniversity of Bath
CamposJoséUniversity of Minho
CoomansMarcAgfa Healthcare
Fraenzl Thomas Frequentis
Gardner Robert Motorola
Hansen Thomas Riisgaard University of Aarhus
Harrison Michael University of York
Heidvogl Regina Frequentis
Hildebrandt Michael University of York
Hong Jason UC Berkeley
Hvanneberg Ebba Thora University of Iceland
Johnson Chris University of Glasgow
Joyce Kevin Lancaster University
Koster Rainer Daimler Chrysler
Lacaze Xavier LIIHS University Toulouse 3
Law Effie ETH Zurich
Nytrai Gyorgy PD
Palanque Philippe LIIHS University Toulouse 3
Paterno Fabio ISIT-CNR
Petterson Thomas ABB CRC
Reichenbach Juliane TU Berlin
Rettner Juliane Siemens
Right Ann  usability News
Sirks Jan University of Rotterdam
SlavikPavelCzech Technical University
van LooReinardFrequentis
van Schyndel Claudia Philips research 
Weevers IvoDaimler Chrysler
WrightPeterUniversity of York
XiaoYan  University of Maryland
ZahlerThomas Frequentis


CHI and other conferences recognize the importance of addressing the problems raised by non-classical User Interfaces. For instance, for several years in a row, CHI conferences have featuring a dedicated track on "Beyond the Desktop". However, there has been no work reported on user interfaces for command and control interactive systems. On the other hand conferences on formal methods or software engineering address the issues raised by the design of such systems. Unfortunately, these meetings can have limited interest for user interface designers. Conferences on human factors or cognitive engineering mainly focus on the human-in-the-loop side of these systems with very little interest in the interaction per se. Attendees will discuss challenges of designing UIs for safety critical error-tolerant systems in which human error analysis and assessment, formal description techniques, incidents and accidents reporting and analysis must be systematically addressed to deal seriously with user interfaces for safety critical systems Issues to be discussed include the following:

The SIG has been held under the auspices of the Research Training Network ADVISES

and under the auspices of the IFIP Working Group 13.5 on Human Error Safety and System Development