2nd International Conference on Application and Theory of Automation in Command and Control Systems

Imperial College, London, UK — May 29-31, 2012   

Conference Program

Final program available in PDF for download.

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Prof. R. John Hansman, Jr.
Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (US)

Dr Aslaug Haraldsdottir
Technical Fellow
The Boeing Company, Seattle (US)

Dr Anthony Smoker
Manager Safety Performance and Improvement
Swanwick Air Traffic Control Centre, NATS, Southampton (UK)

Research Papers

A Taxonomy of UAS Separation Maneuvers and their Automated Execution.
Marc Perez Batlle, Enric Pastor, Cristina Barrado, Xavier Prats and Pablo Royo

Advanced Sensing Issues for UAS Collision Avoidance.
Anna Elena Tirri, Giancarmine Fasano, Domenico Accardo, Antonio Moccia and Ettore De Lellis

Air Traffic Flow Management Under Uncertainty: Application of Chance Constraints.
Gillian Clare and Arthur Richards

An Overview of Airborne Time-Spacing Research in the JADE Program.
Eri Itoh, Hidenori Chida, Kazuhiko Uejima, Katsuhiro Nishinari, Mariken Everdij, Bert Bakker and Henk Blom

Assessing the Air Traffic Control Safety Impact of Airline Pilot induced Latencies.
Markus Vogel, Thiel Christoph and Hartmut Fricke

Automated Speech Recognition in ATC environment.
Jose Manuel Cordero, Jose Miguel de Pablo Guerrero and Manuel Dorado

Efficient Conflict Resolution Method in Air Traffic Management Based on the Speed Assignment.
Jose Antonio Cobano, David Alejo, Antidio Viguria and Anibal Ollero

Expectations from a Steering Control Transfer to Cockpit Crews for Aircraft Pushback.
Franziska Dieke-Meier and Hartmut Fricke

Formal Analysis of Safety-Critical System Simulations.
Ayesha Yasmeen, Karen Feigh, Gabriel Gelman and Elsa Gunter

Increasing Resilience of ATM Networks using Traffic Monitoring and Automated Anomaly Analysis.
Kyle White, Dimitrios Pezaros and Christopher Johnson

On Interfacing Multiobjective Optimisation Models - the Case of the Airport Gate Assignment Problem.
Ignacy Kaliszewski and Janusz Miroforidis

Organizational and Inter-Organizational Precursors to Problematic Automation in Safety Critical Domains, A Case Study.
Simone Rozzi and Paola Amaldi

Simulated Trajectories Generation.
Jaime Garcia Saez

Pilot Interaction with TCAS and Air Traffic Control.
Amy R. Pritchett, Elizabeth S. Fleming, William P. Cleveland, Jonathan J. Zoetrum, Vlad M. Popescu and Dhruv A. Thakkar

Tradeoff between Optimum Altitude and Contrail Layer to Ensure Maximum Ecological En-Route Performance Using the Enhanced Trajectory Prediction Model (ETPM).
Michael Kaiser, Judith Rosenow, Hartmut Fricke and Michael Schultz

Understanding Time-Drift for Different Aircraft Descent Guidance Strategies.
Jesper Bronsvoort, Greg McDonald, Javier Lopez-Leones, Miguel Vilaplana and Juan Alberto Besada

Using Complementary ModelS-Based Approaches for Representing and Analysing ATM Systems' Variability.
Célia Martinie, Philippe Palanque, Alberto Pasquini, Martina Ragosta, Eric Rigaud and Sara Silvagni


Application of Automation in Education: Mixed Reality Education.
Imran Sarwar

Aircraft Continuous Climb/Descent Modelling Using Computer Based Tools.
Rocio Barragan, Eduardo Garcia and Francisco Javier Saez Nieto

Complexity in Optimising ATM Performance MetricsSystems.
Lawrence Kyei Asante and Francisco Saez

Dialogue Management and Automation in Interaction with Unmanned Systems.
Annemiek van Drunen

Identification and initial characterization of sources of uncertainty affecting the performance of future Trajectory Management automation systems.
Enrique Casado, Colin Goodchild and Miguel Vilaplana

The Problem with Automation is not Over-Automation but Lack of Automation Policy.
Paola Amaldi and Anthony Smoker

Doctoral Consortium Papers

A Knowledge-Based Flight State Evaluation Approach Using Machine Learning Technology.
Lutz Bretschneider and Peter Hecker

An aircraft Dynamic Model for Tracking 4-D Trajectories.
Alexander Schwithal and Peter Hecker

Analysis of the Geometric Altimetry to Support Aircraft Optimal Vertical Profiles within Future 4D Trajectory Management.
Javier Garcia-Heras Carretero and Francisco Javier Saez Nieto

Aircraft Turnaround Management in a highly automated 4D flight operations environment.
Thomas Kunze, Bernd Oreschko and Hartmut Fricke

AUTOFLY-Aid: Flight Deck Automation Support with Dynamic 4D Trajectory Management for Responsive and Adaptive Airborne Collision Avoidance.
>Emre Koyuncu, Eduardo Garcia and Gokhan Inalhan

Climate Based Navigation - A New Way to Reduce Aviation CO2 Emissions.
Djordje Samardzija

Effective Automation in ATM: a new perspective on management and control of automated system.
Martina Ragosta

Identification and initial characterization of sources of uncertainty affecting the performance of future Trajectory Management automation systems.
Enrique Casado, Colin Goodchild and Miguel Vilaplana

Identifying Airspace Capacity Factors in the Air Traffic Management System.
Gonzalo Tobaruela, Arnab Majumdar and Washington Y. Ochieng

New concept of Automated Air Traffic Control System.
Dragoljub Patchev and Aristotel Tentov

Obstacle Tracking Results: Cartesian vs. Spherical Particle Filter.
Anna Elena Tirri, Domenico Accardo, Giancarmine Fasano and Antonio Moccia

Pre-tactical Trajectory De-Confliction Algorithm for Air Traffic Management.
Catya Zuñiga, Miquel A Piera and Olatunde Baruwa



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