1st International Conference on Application and Theory of Automation in Command and Control Systems

Barcelona, Spain - May 26-27, 2011   

Conference Program


Conference Day 1, Thursday 26th May2011

08:00-08:30 Registration
Plenary Opening Session Day 1
08:30-09:15 Chairs' Welcome. Francisco Sáez
Introduction to the Programme. Philippe Palanque
Sponsors' Welcome. ASDA/EATRADA
09:15-10:00 Keynote: Brian Hilbun, CHPR BV. Humans: Still the Best Computer of All?
10:00-10:25 Networking Coffee Break & Poster session
Session 1: Human-Automation Collaboration
Session Manager: Dirk Schaefer, EUROCONTROL
10:25-10:50 Towards human operator "state" assessment. S. Pizziol, F. Dehais and C. Tessier

10:50-11:15 Integrating Gaming Research and Practice in the Design of User Interfaces of(partly) -Autonomous Safety-Critical Systems. P. Palanque, R. Bernhaupt and F. Montesano
11:15-11:40 Would I accept a Computer that Thinks Like me? An Overview of the MUSAFA Research Project. B. Hilburn, C. Westin, P. Kearney, M. Mulder and C. Day
11:40-12:05 Networking Coffee Break & Poster session
Session 2: Decision Support Systems
Session Manager: Pim van Leeuwen, NLR
12:05-12:30 Local conflict resolution for automated taxi operations. S. Bode, T. Feuerle and P. Hecker
12:30-12:55 Operationalization of Regulations for Aircraft Approach and Departure. L. Saviciene
12:55-13:20 ADS-B Based Separation Support for General Aviation. D. Taurino, G. Frau and V. Beato
13:20-14:30 Lunch
Session 3: Analysis and Validation of Automation PhD Session 1
Session Manager: Nicolas Suárez Session Manager: Arnab Majumdar
14:30-14:55 Use of role games in automation assessment. R. Casar and R. Garcia 14:30-14:40 Introduction to the PhD Programme. Arnab Majumdar.
14:40-14:55 Effective Automation in ATM: a new perspective on management and control of automated system. M. Ragosta
14:55-15:20 ITU/AU Air Traffic Control Network Simulator for Design, Development and Testing of Automated ATM Systems. Z. Bahcivan, E. Koyuncu, S. S. Aydin, E. Cinar, A. Cavcar and G. Inalhan 14:55-15:10 Requirements and Performance Indicators for 4D- Trajectories. A. Schwithal and P. Hecker
15:10-15:25 Aircraft Turnaround management in a highly automated 4D flight operations environment. T. Kunze, M. Schultz and H. Fricke
15:20:15:45 Formal Tasks and Systems Models as a Tool for Specifying and Assessing Automation Designs. C. Martinie, P. Palanque, E. Barboni, M. Winckler, M. Ragosta, A. Pasquini and P. Lanzi 15:25-15:40 Application of the Theory of Formal Languages to the Modeling of Trajectory Uncertainty and the Analysis of its Impact in Future Trajectory-Based Operations
15:45:16:10 A flight trajectory generator for a PC-based analysis tool. J. Garcia Saez 15:40-15:55 A framework to assess the ability of automation to deliver capacity targets in European airspace. G. T. Arnedo
15:55-16:10 Exploiting Innovative Sensor Data Fusion Strategies for Sense and Avoid Units to be Installed onboard Unmanned Aerial Systems. M. Ragosta
16:10-16:35 Networking Coffee Break & Poster session
Session 4: Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) (I) PhD Session 2
Session Manager: Olaf Heinziger, EADS Innovation Session Manager: Arnab Majumdar
16:35-17:00 Depart and approach procedures for UAS in a VFR environment. E. Pastor and X. Prats 16:35-16:50 Personality's Influence on Performance in highly automated HMIs: Development of a Questionnaire. S. Eschen-Léguedé
16:50-17:05 A Model-Based and Systematic Approach to Design and Assess the Level of Automation of Large Interactive Critical Systems. C. Martinie
17:00-17:25 UAS Collision Avoidance: Multi-Sensor Tracking Results. L. Forlenza, G. Fasano, D. Accardo and A. Moccia 17:05-17:20 The potential of automation for reducing airport surface safety occurrences. S. Wilke, A. Majumdar and W. Ochieng
17:25:17:50 Pattern Based Priority Assignment for Multi Aircraft Conflicts in Autonomous ATM. S. L. Brázdilová 17:20-17:35 Towards a framework for ATCO collaborative decision-making and planning in Enroute Control. S. Corver and G. Grote
17:50:18:15 An Architecture to Automate UAS Operations in Non-segregated Airspace. E. Pastor P. Royo, E. Santamaria, M. P. Batlle, C. Barrado and X. Prats 17:35-17:50 Causal model to sequence and merge 4DT flows in TMA. C. Zuñiga and M. A. Piera
17:50-18:05 Technological Evolution - A Paradigm Shift in Future ATC based on ADS-B. B. S. Ali, A. Majumdar and W. Ochieng
18:15-19:30 Drinks, Networking & Poster session


Conference Day 2, Friday 27th May2011

08:00-08:30 Registration
Plenary Opening Session Day 2
08:30-08:40 Introduction to the Programme. Day 2. Alberto Pasquini.
08:40-09:00 HALA!'s White Paper "Towards Higher Degrees of Automation". E. Garcia
09:00-09:45 Keynote: Lena Matersson, KTH.Pilots and controllers - Joint efforts towards future technology?
09:45-10:05 Networking Coffee Break & Poster session
Session 5: Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) (II)
Session Manager: Xavier Prats, UPC
10:05-10:30 Automation and Interoperability Challenges for Heterogeneous UAS Fleet Management. N. Giuditta, M. Quintana, L. Fernández, E. Gutiérrez, J.m Oliveira and S. Vilardaga
10:30-10:55 A Possible Solution To Introduce UAVs Into Non Segregated Areas. S. Taraglio, V. Nanni and D. Taurino
10:55-11:20 UAV/UAS integration in SESAR: the ATLANTIDA experience. G. Ambrosio, E. Valls, F. Navarro and J. Martínez
11:20:11:45 Conflict detection and resolution algorithm for en-route conflicts in dense non-segregated aerial traffic. J. A. Cobano, R. Conde, D. Alejo, A. Viguria and A. Ollero
11:45-12:05 Networking Coffee Break & Poster session
Session 6: Trajectory Optimization
Session Manager: Miguel Vilaplana, Boeing R&TE
12:05-12:30 Optimal 4D Strategic Trajectory Planning in ATM. M. Soler, A. Olivares, E. Staffetti and J. Cegarra
12:30-12:55 Enhanced Jet Performance Model for High Precision 4D Flight Path Prediction. M. Kaiser, M. Schultz and H. Fricke
12:55-13:20 Probabilistic 4D Conflict Detection and Avoidance Strategy in En-Route Air Traffic. E. Koyuncu, S. Karaman, E. Frazzoli and G. Inalha
13:20-14:30 Lunch
Session 7: Automated Assessments and Information Automation
Session Manager: Miguel Angel Piera, UAB
14:30-14:55 Advanced Automation in Air Traffic Simulation for ATM Disturbances Assessment. S. Vilardaga, D. Serrano, I. Bas and J. Roig
14:55-15:20 PROSES - Network Communications for the Future European ATM system. N. Giuditta, S. Robles, A. Viguria, S. Castillo, M. Cordero and L. Fernández
15:00:15:45 Automatic Adaptation of Airport Surface Surveillance to Sensor Quality. J. Besada, G. Frontera, A. M. Bernardos and G. de Miguel
15:45-16:00 Best Paper Awards:
  • Best paper presentation awards: Cristina Barrado, An Architecture to Automate UAS Operations in Non-segregated Airspace, Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya
  • Best Doctoral Consortium's paper presentation awards: Sabine Wilke, The potential of automation for reducing airport surface safety occurrences. Imperial College, UK.
16:00-16:15 Wrap-up and Close



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