Traces is a Research group on Architectures and Compilers for Embedded Systems




W-SEPT: WCET: SEmantics, Predictability, Analysability

French ANR (INS program) (October 2012 - April 2016)
Partners: VERIMAG-Synchrone, IRISA-ALF, Continental Automotive France SAS
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parMERASA: Multi-Core Execution of Parallelised Hard Real-Time Applications Supporting Analysability

7th Framework of the European Union (October 2011 - September 2014)
Partners: Universität Augsburg, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Technische Universität Dortmund, Rapita Systems Ltd., Bauer Maschinen Gmbh, Honeywell spol. s.r.o., Denso Automotive Deutschland GmbH
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SOCKET: SOC toolKit for critical Embedded sysTems

DGE - Fonds interministériel (June 2008 - May 2011)
Partners: Astrium, Airbus, CEA-LETI, CNES, Lab-STICC, Magilem Design Services, PSI-S, Schneider-Electric, STMicroelectronics, Thales R&T, TIMA
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MERASA: Multicore Execution of Hard Real-Time Applications

7h Framework Program of the European Union (november 2007 - october 2010)
Partners: Universität Augsburg, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Rapita Systems Ltd., Honeywell spol. s.r.o.
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MORE: Multicriteria Optimizations for Real-time Embedded systems

ANR French Research Program "Architectures du Futur" (january 2007 - december 2009)
Partners: LIP6, LORIA
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MasCotTE: MaĂ®trise des temps d’exĂ©cution (Execution time control)

PREDIT French Research Program (january 2006 - january 2009)
Partners: Freescale, Renault, TNI-Software, CEA, research labs (IEF, IRCCYN, IRISA, LAAS)

Investigation of real-time capable embedded SMT processor techniques

FET - 6th PCRD - Hipeac Network of Excellence (march 2006- march 2007)
Partners: Universitat Polytechnica of Catalunya, University of Augsburg

COP: Centre d’Optimisation de Programmes (Center for Program Optimisation)

RNTL French Research Program (december 2003 - december 2005)
Partners: Hewlett-Packard, ST Microelectronics, CEA, INRIA-Futurs (Alchemy)

Multithreaded Processor Design

Cluster of the HiPEAC European network of excellence (may 2005 - july 2005)
Partners: UPC (Universitat Polytechnica of Catalunya), UAU (University of Augsburg)

ATLAS: Analyse par Test des Logiciels embarqués en Appliquant la Simulation généralisée (Generalized simulation for Embedded Applications)

RNTL French Research Program (june 2002 - june 2004)
Partners: Airbus, TNI, CEA, LRI lab
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Analyse et optimisation des processeurs et applications embarqués/spécialisés : (Analysis of embedded and special-purpose processors)

ACI French Research Program (1999 - 2002)
Partners: LRI lab

PATER: Processeur pour l’Avionique Temps-RĂ©el (Processors for Real-Time Avionics)

Airbus Research Convention (2000)
Partners: Airbus, Realix