Traces is a Research group on Architectures and Compilers for Embedded Systems



FrontC is an OCAML library providing a C parser and lexer. The result is a syntactic tree easy to process with usual OCAML tree management.

It provides support for ANSI C syntax, old-C K&R style syntax and the standard GNU CC attributes.

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GLISS is a set of tools which, from an ISA description, generates an instruction-set simulator. The Instruction-set architecture must be expressed in a formalism called nMP, which is an extension of sim-nML and avoids to completely describe each instruction of the instruction-set.
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OTAWA is a tool to compute Worst Case Excution Time by static analysis. It provides a rich framework for performing static analyses on program binaries and is versatile enough to accept many different WCET computation methods. It is designed to support multiple architecture and to make its extensions easier.

It is delivered as a C++ library with some utilities to process binary programs.

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PapaBench is a real-time embedded benchmark derivated from the software of a GNU-license UAV, called Paparazzi. Formerly driving a bi-processor AVR architecture, the application C sources has been adapted to compile under several other platforms.
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