Best paper award :

Rethinking Custom ISE Identification: A New Processor-Agnostic Method

Ajay K. Verma, Philip Brisk, Paolo Ienne.

Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, SWITZERLAND

The CASES conference provides a forum for emerging technology in embedded computing systems, with an emphasis on compilers and architectures for embedded systems. CASES is a common forum for researchers with an interest in embedded systems to reach across vertically integrated communities and to promote synergies. As evident from the past CASES meetings, several emerging applications are critically dependent on these interactions for their sustained growth and evolution.

Areas of Interest

Application-specific and domain-specific embedded systems

  • Compilation techniques that focus on embedded architectures
  • Dynamic compilation and managed runtime environments for embedded systems
  • Design, specification, and synthesis of embedded systems
  • Customizable processors and digital signal processors
  • Embedded uses of instruction-level parallelism, including VLIW, EPIC and superscalar
  • Embedded system integration and testing
  • Multiprocessing on chip (hardware and software issues)
  • Memory management, smart caches and compiler controlled memories
  • Novel architectures and micro-architectures for embedded systems
  • Low-power architectures and compilation, power vs. performance tradeoffs
  • Profiling, measurement, and analysis techniques of embedded applications
  • Reconfigurable embedded computing systems
  • Validation, verification, and debugging techniques for embedded software
  • VLSI and circuit techniques for embedded system design

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