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Design and management of a Low Voltage DC Micro-Grid with Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Storage Systems

Context Presentation

With the environmental issues and the new ecological considerations, one of the challenge is the creation of sustainable electric grid to supply the demand. With this context, we observe the deployment of decentralized Low Voltage DC Micro-Grid (LVDC-MG) in building, with high penetration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS). The aim of this PhD thesis is to contribute in this field by designing an LVDC MG in the ADREAM Building integrated PV (BiPV), at LAAS-CNRS, TOULOUSE. The main difficulties is to combined the ESS behavior and aging studies with a global system approach in order to proposed a sizing method and an energy management strategy optimized and simple to implemented for electrical research community.


Figure 1: electrical synoptic of the LVDC MG study

Scientific Goals

- Study the impacts of BiPV and DC building loads power profiles on ESS behavior and lifecycle

- Proposed a methodology, with a systemic approach, to size the PV and the ESS

- Compared multiple sizing and energy management strategy in order to design the optimal LVDC MG to supply the ADREAM BiPV lightning network

- Compared the performances of Lead acid batteries and Lithium-ions batteries in our case study


Energy Storage System, Low Voltage DC Micro Grid, Building integrated PV, Lead-acid batteries, ageing mechanisms


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