Context Presentation

Over the last decades, the amount of data has increased to 29000 Go produced each second. Understanding the data requires tools to transform these numbers, texts and images into concrete representations. The field of data visualization aims to produce data representation to visualize and analyze abstract data. Building, people or vehicles produce a lot of data collected by many sensors. These specific data are related to a physical location (e.g. number of people in a room is related to the room, humidity in a floor is related to the floor, etc.) Bring and display them close from their physical context allow people to make a better representation of the data (Embedded Data Representations, Willet et al. , 2017).

In this project we aim to design interaction techniques to navigate and manipulate the data close to a physical referent. The main goal is to develop a full interactive physical model of the campus endowed with situated data.

3d flat retouche5 - Cabric Florent(1)


Interaction Techniques, Situated Data, Phygital Model, Human Computer Interaction

Scientific goals

Design and evaluation interaction techniques to explore a digital modeldesign and evaluate interaction techniques with situated databuild a physical model of the campus endowed with situated data and interactive capabilities