Context Presentation

In a context of energy transition and reduced energy consumption, the SandFox project is a collaborative project between IRIT and Berger-Levrault. This project aims to design a dashboard that displays these energy consumptions and facilitate data analysis and comparison. It also notifies users of detected anomalies on energetic data.

SandFox is a web application based on user-centered design. The dashboard offers an interactive map with the ability to select buildings and display multiple data curves based on selected buildings. This application is developed with Angular, typescript and D3.js.

The research on this project aims to study different visualizations and interactions to facilitate the comparison of buildings and/or periods on the timeline. One proposed solution is a spiral heatmap representation that displays and compares different periods.


Figure 1 : « SandFox dashboard »

Scientific Goals

- The main goal of the project is to study the different ways of visualizing and interacting with the data for :

- Displaying information on energy consumption for different users

- Analyzing and comparing these data


neOCampus, Energy Consumption, Dashboard, innovation, Data Visualization, Data Interaction, Human–computer interaction

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