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Network: Case of the Rangueil Campus.

Context Presentation

For several decades, the hot water for heating and domestic hot water has been a major issue because it accounts for approximately 55% of heating needs in France for both commercial and residential buildings. District Heating Systems have been considered as a most economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for providing heating services to the building stock of large cities. This is essentially related to the reason that these systems can use renewable energies.

The Rangueil’s scientific campus, benefits from a superheated water district heating system built in the 1960’s. It has recently been connected to a biomass boiler that covers approximately 82% of the demand. Campus buildings undergoes significant evolutions (renovations, new buildings). The network consists of 4 main loops, 63 primary substations, 97 buildings, 11 km of underground network and cover a surface of 576 000 m². Our aim is to study the performance of this heating system, starting from one heating loop.

Picture1 - Khouloud Koteich


Rangueil’s District Heating Systems (DHS), Dynamic modeling, MATLAB / Simulink.

Scientific goals

•    The objective is to do a pre-study of the entire system by studying just one loop

•    Identify the parameters influencing the performance of a district heating system

•    Develop on MATLAB / Simulink a model of one loop of the district heating system

•    Analysis of data to identify the impacts of recent evolutions of the network and buildings.


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