Context Presentation

The goal of this project is to provide a librarian with easy to use interactive tools to monitor and control the noise made by students in a University Library. Sensors installed in the library detect the level of noise in different places of the library. Based on this information, the librarian can observe where in the library the level is too high and hence go and warn the students.

In addition, this tool allows the librarian to define zones in the library with different levels of authorized noise, to allow different forms of work in the library. For monitoring and control, the approach we explore in this project is based on the use of a physical model representing the whole library as it may constitute a strong support to the librarian to understand to which place in the library the information is related to.

Illustration - Xiaobo Feng


Interaction techniques, Phygital Interaction Technique

Scientific goals

•    Design and implement “phygital interaction techniques”, i.e. based on the use of a physical support to visualize and interact with digital data related to a physical location. Combining an immersive visualization and a physical model requires the development of original and relevant techniques.

•    Assess the impact of phygital interaction techniques, on the usability of the interaction technique. Users experiments will be conducted to compare our solutions to monitoring application based on the use of lists of table and zones.