Context Presentation

The theme addressed in this thesis concerns the autonomous and connected vehicle. Its reliability must be proven from the technological point of view, which is what most projects focusing on technological developments answer. It is essential, after having made a vehicle reliable, to study how several connected autonomous vehicles will be able to interact in order to maximize the safety of the collective. The American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International) has defined 5 levels of autonomy: from level 1, in which the driver performs all the maneuvers, to level 5, in which the driver is completely autonomous. This thesis concerns both vehicles with a level of autonomy 4 in which the vehicle drives, and the human driver supervises and can take over the control, as well as vehicles with a level 5 (total vehicle autonomy).

In this thesis, the aim is to study how each vehicle communicates with its neighboring vehicles and how it behaves/reacts in response to the information provided by its neighborhood. A lock consists in particular in determining which information is relevant to communicate among all the data recovered from the many sensors scattered in the vehicle and the effectors.


Figure 1: « A fleet of autonomous and connected vehicles »

Scientific Goals

- Determine which information is relevant

- How to adapt to each traffic situation

- Take the non-connected users in account


Autonomous and connected vehicle, Multi-Agent System, Smart Traffic