IRIT, ENAC - Toulouse University


Predictive Model, Human-Computer Interaction, Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality has taken off again with the arrival of Head-Mounted Displays. Moreover, mixed reality enables long-term user engagement with the IoT. Nevertheless, the design of a usable system requires many iterations between conception, implementation and evaluation. The use of a predictive model allows usability problems to be detected before implementation. In this project, our predictive model can model the completion time for pointing, validation and selection. First, we defined five new operators. Next, we have computed the unit time for each newly introduced operators. Then, we have consolidated our model through three user studies.Our model can predict the time (± 5%) to complete pointing, validation and selection tasks. 

Figure 1 - The five newly introduced operators in our model.

Scientific goals

- Identify operators for mixed reality

- Define unit times for our newly introduced operators

- Evaluate our model in ecological tasks