In an ever growing demand for connected objects (e.g SmartGardens, connected flowers, connected hives etc), neOCampus has extended its LoRaWAN infrastructure with the addition of a new industrial-grade LoRaWAN gateway. Bought by the Ecolab laboratory, it will get soon installed on its rooftop. This new gateway will address the downlink issue end-devices are facing. Actually, while the LoRa radio technology enables a 15km line-of-sight (LOS) range for data upload, an end-device will hardly get its downlink data from such a range! Hence, this additional gateway will greatly increases the downlink capability for most of our end-devices allowing a broader range of use-cases :) What a federated LoRaWAN infrastructure is useful for ? It means that neOCampus will be able to delegate end-devices management on a per-project basis to some local/remote managers. Through the, these managers will be able to declare end-devices that will get recognized by all of our gateways. Moreover, it will also gives them the opportunity to finely tune their data flow through a broad range of data end-points like MQTT, HTTP sink etc


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