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accessOCampus - A Universal Access System for Smart Doors and Gates

Context Presentation

On site access control exists almost everywhere in today's modern world. Keys have already been replaced by access cards in most places but accessOCampus aims to improve on these existing systems even more.

For less than 200€ (excluding the optional thermal camera) an accessOCampus client module can be built, this includes : NFC access card recognition, passcode entry, face recognition and a large screen for access related information. The system can also be locked down or forced open globally by an authorized security personnel via the easy to use web interface.

In theory, accessOCampus can be used to log who has entered any given zone and provide detailed information on those people. For instance, if any given access card is stolen we can detect who used it via face recognition either silently or to refuse access.This project could be implemented in select zones of Toulouse University to provide a low-cost high fidelity access system.

IMG_20200624_103950 - Sebastian Lucas


neOCampus, IOT, Smart Building, Security, Access, Face Recognition

 Scientific goals

•    Provide a high security solution to restricted zones

•    Facilitate zone entry for the end user via face recognition•    Display easy to understand information


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