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Dynamic Collection of Cooperative Awareness Messages for Collision Avoidance with Vulnerable Road Users

IRIT – Toulouse University                                         


V2X Communication architectures, vulnerable road users safety, cooperative awareness messages.

With the evolution of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), vehicles are capable of performing intelligent decisions and cooperative communications with other road users to exchange data and expand their environmental awareness. This communication is introduced as vehicle-to-everything (V2X) where vehicles exchange cooperative awareness messages « CAM » that includes important information (eg: position, speed, heading angle, vehicle type…). The generation rules of the CAM messages are defined by the ETSI standard and they are implemented in the facilities layer of each vehicle. The frequency of sending CAMs is between 10 and 1 Hz. However, we found out that following the standard, vehicles must generate a CAM if any change in their behavior is detected. This can lead to overloading the network if the number of road users is high, and might not be necessary if a vehicle has no.

Scientific goal

The aim of this work is to design a novel  neighboring mechanism to enhance the current version of the standard. Through a centralized server with a global vision of the network, the vehicles will be able to efficiently adapt the frequency of sending CAM messages using the information of surrounding neighbors received from the edge-server. Our mechanism is extended to support vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists…) where reducing their transmission frequency undoubtedly helps in saving energy on their connected devices.


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