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Programme VILAGIL : Action Aménagement Urbain

IRIT & LERASS – Toulouse University


Simulation, réalité virtuelle, interaction phygitale

Design and development of a simulation platform to anticipate the impact of development projects on territories, particularly in terms of mobility.       

Simulation, rendu 3D et Interaction avancée

Scientific goals

Approach structured around 3 complementary research axes:

- Agent-based simulation : Simulate how traffic is distributed (qualitatively and quantitatively) in terms of

  • Means of transport used,
  • Distribution during the day
  • Geographical distributionand as a function of the combination of
  •  Urban development decisions (e.g., new bus station, subway, bicycle terminal)
  • Changes in human behavior
  • Economic considerations, PLU, etc.

-    3D display,  Virtual Reality : Make the results of the simulation understandable in a context of multi-actor mediation (from the architect to the citizens)

  • Represent visually and in 3D the envisaged developments
  • Tend towards a realistic representation

-    Managing the simulation thanks to Augmented Reality : Enable any decision-maker to simply express their suggestions in terms of planning using innovative interaction techniques

  • Immersive interactive visualization
  • Phygital Interaction: mixing digital data (representation means) and physical model (manipulation means)
  • Gestural interaction


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