IRIT –  Toulouse University


Autonomous vehicles, social interaction, data collection

The Vilagil program started at the end of 2020, the shuttle project is a part of this program. Earlier this year, we closed a call for tenders which allowed us to choose our shuttle supplier, EasyMile. For now, we validated the shuttle route that you can see below. Later this year, in September, the shuttle will be delivered so that we can start our experiments in October or November. Different teams will be working on the project, for instance, a team will be looking how the users on the campus will adapt themselves to the new shuttle. The shuttle will also allow us to work on data recovery and storage. 

Scientific goal

The program aims to develop a field of experimentation for autonomous vehicles, the campus is a perfect place for this. Indeed, it brings together different user flows (pedestrians, cars, cyclists, …) with a large choice of situations without being on completely public roads. It will provide a base for social interaction experiments and data collection that will be used for further projects.