Context Presentation

Several manufacturers now offer road vehicles that are almost autonomous (Tesla, Uber, Apple, EasyMile, ...). But they still require certain situations where human control is essential, which is why research is still important in this field. Experimentation is an essential means to evaluate software in a context close to reality. Evaluation in real conditions has several disadvantages: (i) user safety is difficult to guarantee; (ii) the cost of experimentation is very high; (iii) experimental sites in urban areas are very rare; (iv) the volumes of communications with the infrastructure and the necessary processing capacities are difficult to guarantee.

In order to carry out this research and evaluate it experimentally, we are developing an environment in which model cars move in a realistic environment.

20200120_104900 - Guilhem Marcillaud 


Semi-real simulation, Intelligent Transport System

Scientific goal

•    Experiment algorithm with miniature model of vehicles