Context Presentation

MyGates is a part of autOCampus project to experiment and validates the smart mobility particularly for electrics, connected and autonomous vehicles in a dense urban environment.

In that way, a gates management system for autonomous vehicles will make easier experiments. It combines an automatic license plate with a car model recognizer to make it usable for classic car. It also contains database to keep information over authorized car and application designed for security officer to give temporary authorization for delivering driver with a photo of the vehicle and the plate.

MyGates is designed to be added on existing gates and only create the automation system with SALTO automaton that already are managing gates. MyGates will belong to the AIoT platform that will come out in the regional platform of research and innovation (PRRI) context containing smart camera and other smart devices.

mygates - Vincent-Nam Dang


Autonomous Vehicles, Gates, CNN, ALPR, Salto, Nvidia Jetson Nano, autOCampus

Scientific goals

•    Create automatic and connected gates managements with plate and car model recognition

•    Create a classifier with many classes that are very similar