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Soutenance de Thèse de Hamdi Ben Hamadou

Le 02/10/2019, Hamdi BEN HAMADOU soutiendra sa thèse intitulée :

"Interrogation de données hétérogènes dans les bases de données orientées documents"

Il présentera ses travaux à 14h dans l'auditorium de l'IRIT.

Automatic traffic generation with multi-agent simulation

Context Presentation

Mobility in cities is a crucial question to improve services offered to users and to decrease pollution. Traffic simulation is an interesting tool for decision-makers for city planning. Decision relevance depends on the realism of the simulation. To ensure that, we suppose that we have a map of the terrain (road topology, buildings…) and observation points that provide traffic information (throughput, direction…). They are in limited number and do not cover all the map.This internship focuses on generating car flows on the whole road network using adaptive multi-agent systems. For that, the system determines the location, speed and direction for each vehicle based on its neighborhood. The behavior of each vehicle self-adjusts to match, at the macro-level, traffic information provided by all observation points.


Figure 1: Example of traffic simulationDynameq © INRO

Scientific Goals

- Self-calibration of simulation parameters for realistic traffic flow generation

- Self-adaptation of the simulation to handle traffic dynamics


realistic traffic generation, multi-agent simulation, self-adaptation, cooperation


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