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Sensors and Photocatalytic Coatings for Indoor Air Quality: Detection and Degradation of Pollutants

Context Presentation

We spend around 85% of our time indoors. However, indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outside air. Based on this observation, various laboratories at the Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III University are focusing part of their research on the development of tools for measuring and improving the Indoor Air Quality.

This is the case of LAAS (Systems Architecture Laboratory), LCC (Coordination Chemistry Laboratory) and LMDC (Materials and Construction Durability Laboratory), which work in collaboration on the development and optimization of MOx gaz sensor (semiconductor metal oxides) to detect different gases in the air (LAAS and LCC), and photocatalytic coatings (LMDC and LCC) to degrade or decrease the concentration of gaseous pollutants.

During this internship, the gases mainly treated are nitrogen oxides (NOx). The aim is to assess the effectiveness of the sensors developed by LAAS and the LCC in detecting variations of NOx concentration and the effectiveness of the coatings in degrading them.

 Image_NeoCampus - Mathieu Delaveau


neOCampus, Indoor Air Quality, Sensors, Photocatalysis, Nitrogen Oxides, Metal Oxides Semiconductor

Scientific goals

•    To integrate the LAAS / LCC gas sensors into the LMDC test device (Figure 1).

•    To compare the detection capacity of the NOx sensors and analyzer currently present at the LMDC.

•    To carry out abatement tests to test the depollution efficiency of various photocatalytic coatings, in particular based on ZnO and TiO2, and compare the results obtained with the two measurement systems (analyzer and sensors).


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