Toulouse, France           28 September - 3 October
ACM/IEEE 11th International Conference on Model Driven
Engineering Languages and Systems

Call for Practitioner's track papers

Practitioner's track

Practitioner's track

Among the exhibitors (see the exhibitors page), some of them have agreed to provide a research-oriented talk about the concrete challenges they have solved and integrated in their tools.

BlueAge:Transforming VisualAge Pacbase's Meta-Model to UML2 (Septembre 30th, 11h30 - 12h30)

While the classic M1 - model, M2 - meta-model, M3 - meta-meta-model is becoming a standard in the MDA Industry, one sometimes has to go further.

This is the case with VisualAge Pacbase, a repository-based environment and a well-known model driven COBOL generator. The meta-model used to store the generation elements has a very simple structure but is really huge because of the number of meta-elements used. To manage this meta-model and all the transformations, a new level of abstraction has been introduced. In this case Ecore has been placed on the M4 level while producing a M3 – model which is the meta-model of VisualAge Pacbase's meta-model. M2toM2 meta-transformations have then been defined to produce new meta-models derived from the original one. In order to conceive the transformations between existing and the newly created meta-models, higher-order transformations (HOT) are used and generate the M1toM1 transformations (more than ten thousands lines of code). VisualAge Pacbase's repository has finally been instantiated as a model and migrated, step by step, to UML2 models using all the M1toM1 transformations previously created.

In this technical presentation, you will discover in details all the processes used to migrate VisualAge Pacbase's repository to UML2 models and the resulting applications generated with the Java .NET Application Generator BLU AGE(TM).

As a prerequisite, you should know a bit about ATL (ATLAS Transformation Language) or any other model transformation language.

Esterel: From UML/SysML models to SCADE ones (Septembre 30th, 10h30 - 11h30)
One of the organizers' logoOne of the organizers' logo Topcased/Papyrus: practical example of good MDA implementation (Septembre 30th, 9h30 - 10h30)
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