Frank Dignum is better recognized by his length than by his picture. He has worked on social aspects of agents for many years. He published widely on agent communication and norms (and their relations). Recently he started investigating the role of social practices as means to organize social life. This is linked to an attempt to create a new agent architecture for social agents that goes beyond BDI agents. Besides his formal and theoretical work on these aspects he has shown how the theories can be applied in diverse areas such as electronic commerce, web services and games.


Keynote title: Social Agents for Social Simulations for Social Science

Given that this is the 16th MABS agent-based simulations seem to have an added value for research and gotten its own spot in the agent research. Many of the simulations investigate particular domain issues and try to shed light on the social mechanisms underlying the emerging behavior. This is very similar to the mainstream research in social science (and valuable as well!). However, agent based social simulations could potentially also be used to advance sociological theory. I.e. it could be used to shed light on the complex mechanisms underlying the creation and influence of social reality on the behavior of people. In order to answer questions in this area we have first to determine which aspects are essential for the social behavior of people. Things like norms and social practices come forth from more fundamental attitudes of people like affiliation, power and achievement drives. In this presentation I will cover some of our research in these areas from the past years and try to give ideas about directions for interesting future research in MABS.