Dec 15, 2011
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The web site for the ESSA Summer School 2012 is open.


On Monday


Keynote speech: J. Sichman, Analysis of von Neumann Neighborhoods Parallel Simulations


10:20-10:50 morning coffee break

10:50-13:00 Modelling social interactions

Gennaro Di Tosto and Frank Dignum. Simulating Social Behaviour Implementing Agents Endowed with Values and Drives [pdf]

Cristiano Castelfranchi. Earthquakes in Trust Networks: Basic Dynamic Principles [pdf]

Martyn Lloyd-Kelly, Katie Atkinson and Trevor Bench-Capon. Developing Co-operation Through Simulated Emotional Behaviour [pdf]

Taranjeet Singh Bhatia, Saad Ahmad Khan and Ladislau Boloni. Towards an operational model for the propagation of public perception in multi-agent simulation [pdf]

13:00-14:20 lunch break

14:20-16:00 Cognition and agents’ behaviors

Silvia Berlinger and Friederike Wall. Effects of Combined Human Decision-Making Biases on Organisational Performance [pdf]

H. Van Dyke Parunak, Sven Brueckner, Elizabeth Downs and Laura Sappelsa. Swarming Estimation of Realistic Mental Models [pdf]

Davi Baccan and Luis Macedo. Revisiting the El Farol problem: a cognitive modeling approach [pdf]


16:00-16:30 afternoon coffee break

16:30-17:30 Agents and Games

Luís Filipe Teófilo, Rosaldo Rossetti, Luís Paulo Reis and Henrique Lopes Cardoso. A Simulation System to Support Computer Poker Research [pdf]

Ben-Alexander Cassell and Michael Wellman. EGTAOnline: An Experiment Manager for Simulation-Based Game Studies [pdf]

17:30-18:30 round table

On Tuesday

14:20-16:00 Methodologies and Tools

Davide Nunes and Luis Antunes. Parallel Execution Of Social Simulation Models In A Grid Environment [pdf]

Jean-Baptiste Soyez, Gildas Morvan and Daniel Dupont. A Methodology to Engineer and Validate Dynamic Multi-level Multi-agent Based Simulations [pdf]

Chris J. Wright, Phil McMinn and Julio Gallardo. Testing Multi-Agent Based Simulations using MASTER [pdf]

16:00-16:30 afternoon coffee break

16:30-18:00 Multi-agent systems for design and evaluation

Carrie Rebhuhn, Brady Gilchrist, Sarah Oman, Irem Tumer, Rob Stone and Kagan Tumer. A Multiagent Framework for Component-Level Creativity Evaluation [pdf]

Shohei Yamane, Kotaro Ohori, Akihiko Obata, Noriyuki Kobayashi and Nobuhiro Yugami. Agent-Based Social Simulation for a Checkout Layout Design of a Specific Supermarket [pdf]

Efstathios Panayi, Mark Harman and Anne Wetherilt. Agent-based modelling of stock markets using existing order book data [pdf]