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If some of your production has benefited from the thematic trimester on image processing, please acknowledge it with the sentence:

"This work was performed during the Thematic Trimester on image processing of the CIMI Excellence Laboratory which was held in Toulouse, France, during the period May-June-July 2013.”


Image processing applies and develops a wide spectrum of methodological tools coming from mathematics and computer science. These tools typically come from statistics, non-linear programming, applied harmonic analysis or graph theory. Their interpretation and justification commonly involve probability, geometry or functional analysis. On the other hand, image processing has practical applications in several fields such as astronomy, biology, or medical and satellite imaging. These applications regularly pose new problems and often require to adapt the computation and the algorithms on modern parallel hardware architectures.

The goal of the thematic trimester dedicated to image processing is to bring together researchers and scientists in a friendly environment, to highlight new directions of research and to launch new collaborations.

The thematic trimester includes:

The thematic trimester is funded by the CIMI Lab. of Excellence.

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Organizing committee

Philippe Ciuciu (CEA/NeuroSpin, Gif-sur-Yvette, France)   
Jalal Fadili (GREYC, University of Caen, France)   
Denis Kouamé (IRIT, University of Toulouse, France)
François Malgouyres (IMT, University of Toulouse, France)
Jean-Yves Tourneret (IRIT, University of Toulouse, France)