29th European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information
University of Toulouse (France), 17-28 July, 2017

What to do in Toulouse?

This page has not the ambition to be a guide to Toulouse. There are books for that, as well as the Tourism Office website. The purpose is just to point out some activities that are particularly pleasant in summer and some cultural events during ESSLLI 2017 (some of them free of charge).

Hear some music

The Festival Toulouse d'été proposes many concerts in many styles in different venues in town.
Entrance usually costs 10€.
Some concerts are free of charge, two examples:
  • Wed. July 19, 19:00 Jazz in Raymond VI gardens
  • Wed. July 19, 19:00 Pop/folk in the Metronum patio

Enjoy the Garonne river

Join the locals and stroll along the river on the quais, or watch the sunset from the quai de la Daurade.
Two "guinguettes" are not to be missed, one on la Daurade and one on the terrace near the Raymond VI Gardens (see the recommendation map).

Watch fish going upriver in the "passe à poisson" at Le Bazacle. Interesting building, also gallery with exhibitions and terrace with deck chairs, free entrance.

Participate in Toulouse plage events: games, sports, sunbathing, and much more!

Enjoy the Canal du Midi

Bike, run, or stroll along this Unesco World Heritage site. For bicycle rental see La maison du vélo, just by the canal in front of the train station .

Enjoy the gardens and parks

There are many gardens in Toulouse. Here is a selection:
  • Prairie des filtres (Toulouse Plage main site)
  • Jardin Raymond VI
  • Jardin Japonais at Compans Caffarelli, near the venue
  • Jardin des plantes
  • Jardin d'Embarthe, the closest to the venue, but well hidden (map )
  • and of course, you can enjoy the cloister accessible from the lobby at the venue.

Watch fireworks over the river

If you are here on July 14th don't miss the national holiday fireworks on the Garonne river, followed by a concert in the Prairie des Filtres park.

Watch a movie under the stars

Open-air cinema in the Cinémathèque's courtyard (some days in Jardin Raymond VI).
Quite popular, buy tickets in advance!

Hear and speak some occitan

At the Ostal d'Occitania: free concerts, small bar and restaurant, and more.

Also at the Estancabra: intermittent bar, concert place, occitan conversation.

Swim in Toulouse's outdoor public swimming pools

entrance fee 4.40€, bathing suit and swim cap mandatory

Visit Museums/Exhibitions...