29th European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information
University of Toulouse (France), 17-28 July, 2017

Trusted Persons

ESSLLI Summer Schools are famous for their pleasant atmosphere and for the social and friendly nature of their participants. Nevertheless, (due to the size of the summer schools,) we cannot exclude the possibility of misconduct. We emphasize, therefore, that the ESSLLI organization as a whole will not tolerate inappropriate behavior, including physical and mental harassment, discrimination, and other unlawful acts.
To guard against such transgressions, ESSLLI 2017, following the lead of previous ESSLLI summer schools, provides a list of Trusted Persons to whom one can report misconduct that they have experienced or observed. The Trusted Persons maintain strict confidentiality, meaning that they will not divulge reports of misconduct to third parties without approval from the agent of the report (unless, of course, police intervention is required by law). After receiving a report, the Trusted Person will, if so instructed, act as to prevent further misbehavior.

The Trusted Persons at ESSLLI 2017 in Toulouse are:

Ms. Laure Vieu
+33 (0)6 04 49 30 84

Mr. Fabio Del Prete
+33 (0)7 61 72 87 51