29th European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information
University of Toulouse (France), 17-28 July, 2017

Practical tips from the locals

Buying food: Great market places in Toulouse

Tourist Office list. Below a favorite selection:

Open air

  • Cristal: everyday morning. Cheap fruit and vegetables
  • St Aubin: Sunday morning. Farmers' market (some organic food). Crafts and music too! Very lively with young people
  • Capitole gardens: Tuesday and Saturday morning. Organic farmers' market


  • Victor Hugo: everyday morning. High quality, expensive market with every sort of food
  • Saint Cyprien: mornings except Monday. Original architecture

Printing and copying near the venue

There are several convenient small shops near ESSLLI venue in Rue des lois, Place Peyrou and Rue des Salenques: Corep, Copydoc, Copie Plus, Cyber Copie, Fac Copy Service.
ASP Copies is another one, still in center.


There are laudromats in Arsenal and Chapou University Residences, as well as at the Adagio Saint Cyprien hotel.
Many small "laveries" (laudromat) can be found in town. Full service is less frequent, look for "pressing" (= dry cleaner).

Day care for children

Zeplegraounde offers walk-in service by the hour in center. Others require more complex registration procedure; Archipel is close to the venue.

Bicycle rental

La maison du vélo, in front of the train station, offers several bicycle rental schemes. Recommended! You can eat there, repair your own bike...


Le Petit Tou is a reference for all sorts of needs (in French!). Hard copy (with more info than online) available at the front desk.