29th European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information
University of Toulouse (France), 17-28 July, 2017

ESSLLI 2017 Party
For all participants and their friends

 Friday, July 21 at 21:00 




signature connexion (19K)
8 rue Gabriel Péri - 31000 Toulouse
The Connexion Live is open from 17:30 to 2:00. Here, you can find a google map link to see how to go to the Connexion Live.
The Connexion Live is a cultural area of 500 m² in Toulouse center. It is a private professional place, welcoming artists but it is also a pub with a private place outside (where it is possible to smoke). A lot of music groups are playing here every month and the program is very eclectic (discovery is the point!). This hybrid space emphasizes a loft mood like in NY or Berlin with a vintage decoration.


The music group playing at the Connexion Live Party will be “Du Vent Dans Les Poils” (that is, “Some Wind in the Hairs”). DVDLP comes from Toulouse; it is a group of (very danceable) techno music animated by Weronika & Runky Forz, a duet of DJs, sounds, rhythms and mixes. Here, you can hear a short music track of DVDLP. Brice Lee, a guest DJ will also be present for a special session.


You need to present your badge to a member of the organization committee when you arrive at the Connexion Live entrance. This person will give you a mark exchangeable for either [any drink except cocktails] OR [a "softer" drink (beer, wine, alcohol-free drink) and a small hot dog].
Only one mark per participant is possible.
Please come between 21:00 and 23:00 to get your mark. Entrance is free so you can join the party later, but without guarantee that you will find the OC member to get your mark. You will be able to buy additional drinks and food, although food is quite limited (this is not a restaurant).

And after?

• For those who want to keep on partying: cafés close at 2:00 in Toulouse, but there are several clubs in the area of Jean-Jaurès.
• For those who want to sleep: there are numerous veloToulouse stations around the party venue, walking back to the student accommodation in Chapou takes 35 minutes, there is also Bus L1 leaving at 00:56 from Jean-Jaurès to station Pont-Jumeaux.


Find DVDLP on Connexion Live FaceBook's Page or Connexion Live Twitter's Page