Workshop on Fusion of Earth Observation Data, Prediction of Population, and other applications. A workshop of SAGEO 2018 conference.

Objective and content of the workshop

The objective of this workshop is to bring together actors using Earth observation data for a variety of applications (Agriculture, environment, energy, etc.).

A particular focus will be given to the study of methods for estimating the population of an area on which there is no census in particular for crisis management or the implementation of services and to discuss the remaining problems for solving when it is desired to use low-resolution data. In May 2018, a challenge is proposed to allow the possible participants to complete their proposals based on reference data (see description of the challenge below).

We accept communication proposals that present the state of the art and / or new proposals and/or the use of existing methods on the proposed challenge or other applications using Earth observation data. The submitted papers will follow the LNCS format, 4-6 pages for short papers, 8-12 pages for long papers. The proceedings will be published which can incorporate new elements obtained before the conference (volume CEUR-WS).

To submit your contributions, please follow the following link at easychair