Open Internship at IRIT

Georges Da Costa, ven. 10 janvier 2020, News

The SEPIA team of the IRIT laboratory in Toulouse offers an Master 2 internship (5 to 6 months) funded by the ANR Energumen project ( Focus of SEPAI team is the multi-objective optimization (energy and performance) of large-scale distributed systems (HPC and Cloud).

The Energumen project focuses in the optimization of High Performance Computing (HPC) malleable MPI applications. The objective is to reduce energy consumption without impacting performance by changing during runtime the number of machines allocated to a parallel MPI application, taking into account computing and communications.

The aim of this Master 2 internship is to propose and test in simulation scheduling algorithms capable of efficiently use the malleability of HPC applications. One of the originalities will consist in taking into account the actual reconfiguration time of applications. This internship will take place in several phases:

The internship will take place at IRIT, in Toulouse, and will be in the framework of collaborations with the LIG laboratory (Grenoble) and LIP6 (Paris).

This internship requires a good knowledge of performance evaluation, parallelism, and scheduling.

Please send your Cvs, cover letter and available master grades to : Georges Da Costa and Paul Renaud-Goud