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  • Didier Dubois, Endre Pap, Henri Prade

    Hybrid Probabilistic-Possibilistic Measures and Applications to Utility Functions

    In : Proc.8th International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-based Systems (IPMU’00), Madrid, 03/07/00-07/07/00.


Book sections
  • Didier Dubois, Endre Pap, Henri Prade

    Pseudo-additive measures and the independence of events

    In : Technologies for Constructing Intelligent Systems 1 Tools. B. Bouchon-Meunier, J. Gutierrez-Rios, L. Magdalena, R.R. Yager (Eds.) , Physica-verlag, pp. 179-192, 2002.


  • Didier Dubois, Endre Pap, Henri Prade

    Hybrid probabilistic-possibilistic mixtures and utility functions

    In : Preferences and decisions under incomplete knowledge. Janos Fodor, Bernard De Baets, Patrice Perny (Eds.) , Physica-Verlag, pp. 51-73, Vol. 51, Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing, 2000.


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