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  • Janette Cardoso, Xiaoyu Mao, Robert Valette

    State Class Graph for Fuzzy Time Petri Nets

    In : European Simulation and Modelling Conference (ESM 2006), Toulouse, 23/10/06-25/10/06, LAAS, (electronic medium), October 2006.


  • Janette Cardoso, Xiaoyu Mao, Robert Valette

    A Graph of Classes Preserving Quantitative Temporal Constrains considering unbounded transitions

    In : PMCCS’05, 7th International Workshop onPerformability Modeling of Computer and Communication Systems, Torino-Italy, 23/09/05-24/09/05, ., September 2005.


  • Xiaoyu Mao, Janette Cardoso, Robert Valette

    A new graph of classesfor the preservation of quantitative temporal constraints

    In : ATVA’05,Third International Symposium on Automated Technology for Verification and Analysis, Taipei-Taiwan, 04/10/05-07/10/05, D.A. Peled, Y.-K. Tsay (Eds.), Springer Verlag, LNCS 3707, Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 278-292, October 2005.


  • Janette Cardoso, Robert Valette, Xiaoyu Mao

    Un nouveau graphe de classes pour la préservation des contraintes temporelles quantitatives

    In : RS-JESA, MSR – Modelisation de Systèmes Réactifs, grenoble, 05/10/05-07/10/05, Hermès, V.39, pp. 191-206, October 2005.


  • Robert Valette, Janette Cardoso, Didier Dubois

    Monitoring manufacturing systems by means of Petri nets with imprecise markings

    In : Proc. IEEE Inter. Symp. on Intelligent Control, Albany, N.Y., ., pp. 233-238, January 1989.


  • Janette Cardoso, Robert Valette, Didier Dubois

    Petri nets with uncertain markings

    In : 10th Inter. Conf. on Applications and Theory of Petri Nets, Bonn, .


  • Robert Valette, Didier Dubois, Janette Cardoso

    Représentation de l’état d’un atelier de fabrication avec prise en compte des incidents

    In : Actes Congrès Automatique 88, Grenoble, 10/10/88-12/10/88.


Book sections
  • Didier Dubois, J.C. Pascal, Robert Valette

    Fuzzy decision and control in manufacturing and automation

    In : Handbook of Design, Manufacturing and Automation. R.C. Dorf, A. Kusiak (Eds.) , Wiley, New York, pp. 955-976, 1994.


  • Didier Dubois, Robert Valette

    Discussion paper

    In : ‘Non-Standard Logics for Automated Reasoning. P. Smets, A. Mamdani, D. Dubois, H. Prade (Eds.) , Academic Press, New York, pp. 209-211, 1988.


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