Social medias, digital social ecosystems

Head Florence SèDES

Social media constitute a field of application, experiment, a support for the formalization and a source of scientific and technological issues we are far from reaching the limits. Managing, modeling, analyzing, mining and eliciting such a digital ecosystem have been highlighted by various contributions of our teams.

From the analysis of the dynamics of the social networks, for example for the detection of communities, are studied the processes of information diffusion: polemics, buzz, spam, fake… The detection of role (social influence, authority, propaganda) leads to various modes of coordination by these networks.

The application domains are various: crisis management (alert, organization of the resources), decisions of group and vote, Mobile Social Networks (embedded, VANETS)…


  • Content analysis
  • Opinion mining: sentiment, intentions, points of view,…
  • Identifying marginal behaviors (early signals)
  • Mobile Social Networks
  • Crowd-*