Heritage and people safety

Head Abdelmalek BENZEKRI

30 full time equivalent (FTE) involved researchers at May 2019. The last ALLISTENE survey made in 2016 inventoried 26 FTE to the Toulouse site. This shows the increasing interest in Cybersecurity issues tackled by the laboratory.

Scientific Topics

Among the eleven main categories identified by the ALLISTENE survey, the IRIT cybersecurity expertise covers research activities in all of them except the Cryptography field.

These topics are :

  1. Formal methods, and theory of security and privacy
  2. Security services
  3. Intrusion/anomaly detection and malware mitigation
  4. Security in hardware
  5. Systems security
  6. Network security
  7. Database and storage security and privacy
  8. Software and application security
  9. Human, societal and ethical aspects of security and privacy
  10. Forensics

Areas of expertise

  • Data Security and Privacy design and implementation
  • Network and Distributed Systems
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Human Aspects
  • Education and Training
  • Trust management, Assurance and Accountability
  • Security Management and Governance
  • Theoretical Foundations of Security Analysis and Design
  • Technology and Legal Aspects
  • Software and Hardware Security Engineering
  • Security Measurements
  • Operational Incident Handling and Digital Forensics
  • Certification